Cycling Maps

We have attempted to include most of the cycling routes commonly used in Haliburton County. These are the most popular routes. We have also highlighted other roads that are enjoyable routes less frequently used. Although not all roadways and hills are shown, we have tried to provide distances and hill chevrons on most of the major roads to allow you to create your own favorite route. Happy Cycling!

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Printed versions of the map are on sale at the following locations:

  • Undercover Books - Haliburton Village
  • Tourist Information Centre - Minden
  • Rails End Gallery - Haliburton Village
  • Trails and Tours - Carnarvon
  • Sir Sandford Fleming College - Haliburton Village
  • Bed & Breakfasts and Resorts throughout Haliburton County

Individual route maps:

  1. Haliburton - Tory Hill - Wilberforce - Haliburton (65km)
  2. Haliburton - West Guilford - Eagle Lake - Haliburton (32km)
  3. Haliburton - Minden - Lochlin - Donald - Haliburton (50km)
  4. Minden - Gelert - Minden (35km)
  5. Haliburton - Gooderham - Tory Hill - Haliburton (63km)
  6. Minden - Miners Bay - Norland - Kinmount - Minden (65km)
  7. Haliburton - Gooderham - Irondale - Furnace Falls - Kinmount - Gelert - Lochlin - Haliburton (90km)
  8. Haliburton - Tory Hill - Wilberforce - Harcourt - Highland Grove - Tory Hill - Haliburton (100km)
  9. Haliburton - West Guilford - Carnarvon - Minden - Haliburton (63km)
  10. Minden - Bobcaygeon Road to Hwy 118 - Carnarvon - Minden (35km)
  11. Haliburton - Fort Irwin - Eagle Lake - Haliburton (50km)
  12. Eagle Lake - West Guilford - Stanhope (out and back) (44km)
  13. Haliburton County Rail Trail (33km)
  14. IB & O Rail Trail (14km)
  15. Haliburton Head Lake Trail (6km)
  16. Minden Village Loop (2.5km)

Users of these maps bear full responsibility for their own safety and must carefully read the following notes prior to using these maps:

These maps are an indication of suggested routes only. All routes are on shared roadways. Designation of a route does not guarantee any minimum lane width. Arterial roads may have higher traffic volumes compared to local roads. All routes should be evaluated by each cyclist based on level of experience, health, comfort level in cycling in or adjacent to traffic, weather conditions, time of day. The county, agencies and individuals who have contributed to the development of these maps are not responsible for the personal safety of cyclists who use the maps. Cyclists are bound to observe the same Rules of the Road under the Highway Traffic Act as are operators of other vehicles.

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