Share the Road in the Haliburton Highlands
Being a rural area, most of our roads are two-lane, which means bicyclists and motorists will often be sharing the road. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience on our roads! When both bicyclists and motorists drive with care and courtesy, it is easy to share the road!

In 2015, the Highway Traffic Act was updated to make Ontario roads safer for all. Some key changes: When passing a cyclist, motorists must leave at least one metre of space between their car and the cyclist or face a fine. Fines have also increased for opening your car door in front of a cyclist. Cyclists face increased fines for failing to use proper lights and reflectors when needed, and are now permitted to use flashing rear red lights. 
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Motorist Information
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Share the message! Pick up a free car magnet at locations across the county, including: branches of the Haliburton County library, tourist information centres, HKPR District Health Unit and various retailers. (size approximately 2" x 8" )